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Bicycle Indiana advocates safe bicyling

Take Action!

Invite Your Legislators on a Bike Ride! 

One of the best ways for Hoosier cyclists to advocate for more trails and bike infrastructure and laws and policies that better protect cyclists and pedestrians is to share our stories with our elected officials. And if they're willing, take them on a bike ride to see local trails and bike lanes firsthand.

How to go about inviting your legislator out on a bike ride or for a chat with local cyclists? First, find your state representative and senator here, then send them an invitation to join you. We have a sample letter to get you started. Have questions about how to plan one in your community? Email us at and we'll be happy to help. And be sure to send us photos and a recap of the event so we can share! 

Advocate for Vulnerable Road Users

It is all too often that we hear of cyclists being struck by motorists and being seriously injured or even killed. While cyclists have the same legal rights as motorized vehicles to use our roads, in practice cyclists often find themselves in a dangerous environment as they ride for transportation, exercise, or enjoyment. A person on a bike is no match for tons of steel traveling at even low speeds when the two collide. 

The real-life consequences for reckless drivers who put cyclists at risk are minimal, leading to an environment where drivers do not prioritize cyclist safety. This is why we at Bicycle Indiana advocate for a Vulnerable Road User law that protects cyclists and encourages motorists to take cyclist safety seriously.


In the 2022 Indiana legislative session, Senator J.D. Ford introduced SB173, a bill which sought to implement penalties for reckless drivers that kill or seriously injure cyclists, pedestrians, road workers, or other specified vulnerable individuals. These penalties included suspension of driving privileges, fines, or imprisonment, depending on the circumstances. While this bill did not receive a vote in the 2022 session, many representatives expressed their support for taking action and studying the issue and potential legislation during a Summer Study Committee, with the goal of reintroducing legislation in 2023. 

Senators Mike Crider, JD Ford, and Greg Taylor and Representatives Carey Hamilton, Blake Johnson, Bob Behning, and John Young submitted a letter to the Legislative Council recognizing this issue and requesting a Summer Study Committee. See their letter here. While this issue was not one that was ultimately selected for a 2022 summer study, support for a law continues to grow at the Indiana State House. With your help, we will keep working toward having a bill introduced again in the 2023 legislative session. 



You can help by calling or emailing your Indiana State Senator and Representative and asking them to support Vulnerable Road User protections. 

For Bicycle Indiana's VRU position, FAQ, and talking points, click here

When contacting your representatives, let them know:

  • Your name

  • Your address - This lets them know that you live in their district

  • That you support protections for cyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users and penalties for reckless driving that kills or injures these individuals. Ask them to support a statewideVulnerable Road User Law.

  • Share your personal story related to road safety

  • Optional: Ask them to go on a group ride with you! 

The most effective communications are always your own words. Let your representatives know why we need more protections as we bike, walk, and utilize our public roads. 

Contact Your Indiana State Representatives!

Don't know who your elected representatives are or need their contact information? Click the link below.

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