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2019 Resource Guide

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We Advocate

Biycling needs a voice in Indiana. That's why we speak loud and clear on behalf of your interests and concerns.

We Educate

Knowing how to share the road, riding smart and being aware of Indiana Bicyle laws leads to riding safe.

We Promote

When you're itchin' to ride let us guide you to the best roads, the best rides and the grandest of times.

The Road Belongs to All

You bike. You share the road with cars. We've got your number, and it's on a distinctive metal plate that attaches to your car or truck. Not only does it give you license to drive your vehicle, but spreads the message that cyclists have a rightful place on the road. Indiana plate info and ordering is at this link.

What We're Currently Working On
  • HB 1070, an improved and enforceable distracted driving bill, moves on to the Senate with Senator Michael Crider, District 28 as the Senate sponsor. 

  • HB 1174 which was written as a mandatory helmet law for individuals less than 18 years of age, has been completely re-written. The bill is now creating a program, with potential funding, for helmet outreach and education. With the changes made, Bicycle Indiana supports this bill.  HB 1174 will have to pass a third reading on Monday, February 3rd, to move on to the Senate. 



“Bicycle Indiana is a great statewide advocate, working to make our roads safe for everyone.  I greatly appreciate the support with education materials for cyclists..”

Amy Hartzog, Ft. Wayne, IN, League Cycling Instructor

We have enjoyed a long-term partnership with Bicycle Indiana, including co-hosting the Indiana Bike & Walk Summit in 2016 and 2018. That event has provided an excellent forum for bringing together walk and bike advocates from throughout the state and showcasing the active transportation success stories of Hoosier communities.

Kim Irwin, Executive Director, Health by Design

“Bicycle Indiana is making bicycling better for Hoosiers. Better biking means more informed cyclists which is good for everybody.”

Nicholas Rothe / Bicyclist / Bloomington, Indiana

Leading the Pack

Bicycle Indiana extends our gratitude to these businesses and organizations


GOLD Members 


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I Share the Road License Plate

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